Deepwater Plays of Java, Indonesia: Regional Evaluation on Opportunities and Risks

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Discovery of outcrop-scale fine-grained sediment waves in the lower Halang Formation, an upper Miocene submarine-fan succession in West Java

Mukti ito 2010This article is about the first discovery of outcrop-scale, fine-grained sediment waves in the left-side muddy overbank deposits relative to the down-current direction of the adjacent channel deposits in the lower Halang Formation turbidite system in a late Miocene back-arc basin, West Java. The present outcrop-scale examples can fill the gap in dimension and formative processes between laboratory-scale bedforms and modern large-scale, fine-grained sediment waves for elucidating scale-independent processes, which are responsible for the development of fine-grained waveforms in a deep-water environment. This article has been published in Sedimentary Geology.

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