Deepwater Plays of Java, Indonesia: Regional Evaluation on Opportunities and Risks

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Welcome to our blog


Hi all! Welcome to our blog, Tektonesiana.

The name of Tektonesiana is derived from the word tectonics and Indonesia. Tektonesiana represents our ‘passion’ on tectonics of Indonesia.

We, Indonesian geologists who share the same interest, use this blog to post articles that represent our works. These articles have been presented in scientific meetings. Some of them also have been published in journals. We have many questions about tectonics of Indonesia, and we want to share them with you. Enjoy our blog!

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Discovery of outcrop-scale fine-grained sediment waves in the lower Halang Formation, an upper Miocene submarine-fan succession in West Java

Mukti ito 2010This article is about the first discovery of outcrop-scale, fine-grained sediment waves in the left-side muddy overbank deposits relative to the down-current direction of the adjacent channel deposits in the lower Halang Formation turbidite system in a late Miocene back-arc basin, West Java. The present outcrop-scale examples can fill the gap in dimension and formative processes between laboratory-scale bedforms and modern large-scale, fine-grained sediment waves for elucidating scale-independent processes, which are responsible for the development of fine-grained waveforms in a deep-water environment. This article has been published in Sedimentary Geology.

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