Awang H. Satyana



Tectonics, geochemistry, petroleum geology



Gedung Wisma Mulia Lantai 35

Jl. Gatot Subroto No.42, Jakarta 12710

PO BOX 4775

Telepon: (+62-21) 29241607

Fax. (+62-21) 29249999

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Awang is a Chief Specialist of SKK Migas (Government of Indonesia Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business). After graduated from the Geology Department of the University of Padjadjaran, Bandung in 1989, he worked for PERTAMINA from 1990-2002  assigning various positions as Exploration Geologist and Regional Geologist. In 2002, Awang joined BPMIGAS and since then has assigned various technical and managerial positions, since November 2012  BPMIGAS was continued by SKK Migas.

Awang has actively serviced international and national geological societies by contributing papers, articles, keynote talks, guest lectures and courses. There have been totally 330 publications he made (90 full papers for conferences, 55 articles for journals, 139 invited presentations, keynotes and guest lectures, 40 course manuals, 6 chapters in six books). Several of his papers got awards as the best papers and presentations. As appreciation for his great contribution and dedication to geosciences, “Lasut Award” from IAGI and “HAGI Award” from HAGI were awarded to Awang in 2002 and 2008, respectively.

Awang is so far the only Indonesian geologist assigned by the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) to be the Associate Editor for the AAPG Bulletin (during 2006-2007). Awang is a member of IAGI (Indonesian Association of Geologists), IPA (Indonesian Petroleum Association), AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists), HAGI (Indonesian Association of Geophysicists), and IATMI (Indonesian Society of Petroleum Engineers).



Selected publications

  1. Satyana, A.H., 2015. Rifting history of the Makassar Strait: New constraints from wells penetrating the basement and oils discovered in Eocene section — Implications for further exploration of west Sulawesi offshore. Proceedings, Indonesian Petroleum Association, Thirty-Ninth Annual Convention and Exhibition, May 2015, IPA15-G-104. [abstract] [full text]
  2. Satyana, A.H., 2015. Subvolcanic hydrocarbon prospectivity of Java: Opportunities and challenges. Proceedings, Indonesian Petroleum Association, Thirty-Ninth Annual Convention and Exhibition, May 2015, IPA15-G-105. [abstract] [full text]
  3. Satyana, A.H., 2014. New consideration on the Cretaceous subduction zone of Ciletuh-Luk Ulo-Bayat-Meratus: Implications for Southeast Sundaland petroleum geology. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, Thirty-Eighth Annual Convention & Exhibition, May 2014 [abstract] [full text]
  4. Satyana, A.H., 2013. Gravity tectonics in Indonesia: Petroleum implications. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA13-G-161, pp 1-14 [abstract][full text]
  5. Satyana, A.H., Hutagalung, R., Latifah, U., 2013. Supererupsi Toba 74.000 Tahun yang Lalu: Katastrofi Geologi dan Kepunahan Massa. Proc. HAGI-IAGI Joint Convention Medan 2013 [abstract] [full text]
  6. Satyana, A.H., Irawan, C., Kurniawan, W., 2013. Revisit geology and geochemistry of Buton asphalt deposits, SE Sulawesi: Implications for petroleum exploration of Buton area. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association Thirty-Seventh Annual Convention & Exhibition, IPA13-G-170 [abstract] [full text]
  7. Satyana, A.H., Purwaningsih, 2013. Variability of Paleogene source facies of Circum-Sundaland basins, western Indonesia: Tectonic, sedimentary and geochemical constraints – Implications for oil characteristic. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association [abstract] [full text]
  8. Satyana, A.H., Armandita, C., Paju, J.A., 2012. Acceleration in Regional Exploration of Indonesia: Requirement for Survival. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association Thirty-Sixth Annual Convention and Exhibition, IPA12-G-158 [abstract] [full text]
  9. Satyana, A.H., Damayanti, S., Armandita, C., 2012. Tectonics, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Makassar Straits: Recent Updates from Exploring Offshore West Sulawesi, Opportunities and Risks. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA12-G-156 [abstract] [full text]
  10. Satyana, A.H., M.E.M. Purwaningsih, 2012. New Look on the Origin of Sumba Terrane: Multidisciplinary Approaches. Berita Sedimentology 25 [abstract] [full text]
  11. Armandita, C., A.H. Satyana, M. M. Mukti, I. Yuliandri, 2011. Trace of the Translated Subduction in Central Java and its Role on the Paleogene Basins and Petroleum System Development. Proc. JCM IAGI-HAGI Makassar 2011 [abstract] [full text]
  12. Satyana, A.H., Faulin, T., Mulyati, S.C., 2011. Tectonic Evolution of Sulawesi area: Implications for proven and prospective petroleum plays. Proc. JCM Makassar 2011, the 36th HAGI and 40th IAGI Annual Convention and Exhibition [abstract] [full text]
  13. Satyana, A.H., Herawati, N., 2011. Sorong Fault tectonism and detachment of Salawati Island: Implications for petroleum generation and migration in Salawati Basin, Bird’s Head of Papua. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA11-G-183 [abstract] [full text]
  14. Satyana, A.H., M.E.M. Purwaningsih, 2011. Collision of Microcontinents With Eastern Sulawesi: Records From Uplifted Reef Terraces and Proven-Potential Petroleum Plays. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA11-G-219 [abstract] [full text]
  15. Satyana, A.H., M.E.M. Purwaningsih, 2011. Multidisciplinary approaches on the origin of Sumba terrane: Regional geology, historical biogeography, linguistic-genetic coevolution and megalithic archaeology. Proc. JCM Makassar 2011, the 36th HAGI and 40th IAGI Annual Convention and Exhibition [abstract] [full text]
  16. Satyana, A.H., M.E.M. Purwaningsih, 2011. Sumba Area: Detached Sundaland Terrane and Petroleum Implications. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA11-G-009 [abstract] [full text]
  17. Satyana, A.H., 2010. Crustal Structures of the Eastern Sundaland’s Rifts, Central Indonesia: Geophysical Constraints and Petroleum Implications. Proc. Bali 2010 International Geosciences Conference and Exposition, Bali [abstract] [full text]
  18. Satyana, A.H., 2010. Finding Remnants of the Tethys Oceans in Indonesia: Sutures of the Terranes Amalgamation and Petroleum Implications. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA10-G-153 [abstract] [full text]
  19. Satyana, A.H., N. Pudyo, H. Rachmat, A. Hendratno, S. Husein, 2010. Exploring PreCambrian to Lower Paleozoic Carbonates in Indonesia: Lessons From Their Modern Analogues of Stromatolitic Reefs in the Satonda Island Crater Lake, North Sumbawa. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA10-G-152[abstract] [full text]
  20. Armandita, C., M.M. Mukti, A.H. Satyana, 2009. Intra-Arc Trans-Tension Duplex of Majalengka to Banyumas Area: Prolific Petroleum Seeps and Opportunities in West-Central Java Border. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA09-G-173 [abstract] [full text]
  21. Satyana, A.H., 2009. Emergence of New Petroleum System in the Mature Salawati Basin: Keys From Geochemical Biomarkers. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA09-G-172[abstract] [full text]
  22. Satyana, A.H., C. Armandita, 2008. On the Origin of the Meratus Uplift, Southeast Kalimantan – Tectonic and Gravity Constraints : A Model for Exhumation of Collisional Orogen in Indonesia. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologist 33rdAnnual Convention and Exhibition [abstract] [full text]
  23. Satyana, A.H., C. Armandita, A.L. Tarigan, 2008. Collision and Post-Collision Tectonics in Indonesia: Roles for Basin Formation and Petroleum Systems. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA08-G-140[abstract] [full text]
  24. Satyana, A.H., Asnidar, 2008. Mud Diapirs and Mud Volcanoes in Depressions of Java to Madura: Origins, Natures, and Implications to Petroleum System. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA08-G-139[abstract] [full text]
  25. Satyana, A.H., 2007. Central Java, Indonesia – a “Terra Incognita” in Petroleum Exploration: New Considerations on the Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Implications. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA07-G-085 [abstract] [full text]
  26. Satyana, A.H., L.P. Marpaung, M.E.M. Purwaningsih, M.K. Utama, 2007. Regional Gas Geochemistry of Indonesia: Genetic Characterization and Habitat of Natural Gases. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA07-G-050 [abstract] [full text]
  27. Marpaung, L.P., Suta, I.N., Satyana, A.H., 2006. Gumai Shales of Jabung area: Potential source rocks in Jambi Sub-basin and their contributions to the new petroleum system. Proc. PIT IAGI Riau 2006, the 35th IAGI Annual Convention and Exhibition [abstract] [full text]
  28. Satyana, A.H., 2006. Docking and post-docking tectonic escapes of eastern Sulawesi: Collisional convergence and their impications to petroleum habitat. Proc. Jakarta 2006 International Geosciences [abstract] [full text]
  29. Marpaung, L.P., Mulyono, D.H., Satyana, A.H., Subroto, E.A., 2005. Oil family characterisation of Jabung area, Jambi sub-basin. Proc. Joint Convention Surabaya 2005 – HAGI-IAGI-Perhapi, the 30th HAGI, the 34th IAGI, and The 14th PERHAPI Annual Conference and Exhibition [abstract[full text]
  30. Satyana, A.H., 2005. Oligo-Miocene Carbonates of Java, Indonesia: Tectonic-Volcanic Setting and Petroleum Implications. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA05-G-031 [abstract] [full text]
  31. Satyana, A.H., C. Armandita, 2004. Deepwater Plays of Java, Indonesia: Regional Evaluation on Opportunities and Risks. Proc. IPA-AAPG Deepwater and Frontier Symposium, 293-319 [abstract] [full text]
  32. Satyana, A.H., Erwanto, E., Prasetyadi, C., 2004. Rembang-Madura-Kangean-Sakala (RMKS) Fault Zone, East Java Basin: The Origin and Nature of a Geologic Border. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologists, 33rd Annual Convention, Bandung [abstract] [full text]
  33. Satyana, A.H., 2003. Accretion and dispersion of southeast Sundaland: The growing and slivering of a continent. Proc. Joint Convention Jakarta 2003, the 32nd IAGI and the 28th HAGI Annual Convention and Exhibition [abstract] [full text]
  34. Satyana, A.H., 2003. Re-Evaluation of the sedimentology and Evolution of the Kais Carbonate Platform, Salawati Basin, Eastern Indonesia: Exploration Significance. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, 1-22 [abstract] [full text]
  35. Satyana, A.H., Biantoro, B., Luthfi, A., 2003. Gas Habitat of the East Java Basin, Indonesia: Meets the Future Demand.  Proc. European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) 65th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Stavanger, Norway [abstract] [full text]
  36. Satyana, A.H., Djumlati, M., 2003. Oligo-Miocene Carbonates of the East Java Basin, Indonesia: Facies Definition Leading to Recent Significant Discoveries. Proc. AAPG International Conference Barcelona, Spain [abstract] [full text]
  37. Satyana, A.H., M.E.M. Purwaningsih, 2003. Geochemistry of the East Java Basin: New Observations on Oil Grouping, Genetic Gas Types and Trends of Hydrocarbon Habitats. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, 1-23[abstract] [full text]
  38. Satyana, A.H., M.E.M. Purwaningsih, 2003. Oligo-Miocene carbonates of Java: Tectonic setting and effects of volcanism. Proc. Joint Convention Jakarta 2003, the 32nd IAGI and 28th HAGI Annual Convention and Exhibition [abstract] [full text]
  39. Armandita, C., Raharjo, B., Satyana, A.H., Syafri, I., Hariyadi, M., Nugraha, E., Wanasherpa, Graha, S., Racmat, S., 2002. Perkiraan inversi Sesar Baribis serta perannya terhadap proses sedimentasi dan kemungkinan adanya “reworked source” pada endapan turbidit lowstand setara Talang Akar (Studi pendahuluan di daerah Sumedang dan sekitarnya). Buletin Geologi ITB v. 34, 3 [abstract] [full text]
  40. Djajadihardja, Y.S., A.H. Satyana, Won Soh, C. Gaedicke, T. Eko, Sasaki, R. Riza, S. Neben, 2002. Offshore Southeastern Extension of the Sumatran Dextral Fault: A New Discovery in Indonesian Marine Geology and Implications on the Tectonics of the Sunda Strait – Southwest Java Waters. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologists, 31st Annual Conference, Surabaya [abstract] [full text]
  41. Purwaningsih, M.E.M, Satyana, A.H., Sribudiyani, Noeradi, D., and Halik, N.M., 2002. Evolution of the Late Oligocene Kujung reef complex in the western East Cepu High, East Java Basin: Seismic sequence stratigraphic study. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologists, 31st Annual Conference, Surabaya [abstract] [full text]
  42. Sadjati, O., Ascaria, N.A., Satyana, A.H., 2002. Generation and Migration of Hydrocarbons from Pre-Tertiary Source Rocks of the Kamundan Area, West Papua, Eastern Indonesia. International AAPG Conference, Cairo, October 2002 [abstract] [full text]
  43. Satyana, A.H., Armandita, C., Raharjo, B., Syafri, I., 2002. New Observations on the Evolution of the Bogor Basin, West Java: Opportunities for Turbidite Hydrocarbon Play. Buletin Geologi Institut Teknologi Bandung – Edisi Khusus [abstract] [full text]
  44. Satyana, A.H., Gunawan, B.K., 2002. Kontribusi Seismik Stratigrafi pada Pembenahan “Satuan Resmi Bawah Permukaan” Sandi Stratigrafi Indonesia 1996. Proc. Simposium Kajian Sandi Stratigrafi Indonesia 1996 Yogyakarta [abstract] [full text]
  45. Satyana, A.H., Purwaningsih, M.E.M., 2002. Geochemistry and habitat of oil and gas in the East Java Basin: Regional evaluation and new observations. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologists, 31st Annual Conference, Surabaya [abstract] [full text]
  46. Satyana, A.H., Purwaningsih, M.E.M., 2002. Lekukan Struktur Jawa Tengah: Suatu Segmentasi Sesar Mendatar. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI), Yogyakarta– Central Java Section[abstract] [full text]
  47. Satyana, A.H., Purwaningsih, M.E.M., Ngatung, E.C.P., 2002. Evolution of the Salawati structures, eastern Indonesia: A frontal Sorong Fault deformation. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologist Annual Conference [abstract] [full text]
  48. Satyana, A.H., A. Darwis, 2001. Recent significant discoveries within Oligo-Miocene carbonates of the East Java Basin: integrating the petroleum geology. Proc. Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI)[abstract] [full text]
  49. Satyana, A.H., Purwaningsih, M.E.M., Imron, M., 2001. Eocene Coals of the Barito Basin, Southeast Kalimantan: Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Potential for Sources of Oil. Berita Sedimentologi No. 17 III/2001 [abstract] [full text]
  50. Satyana, A.H., Setiawan, I., 2001. Origin of Pliocene Deep-Water Sedimentation in Salawati Basin, Eastern Indonesia: Deposition in Inverted Basin and Exploration Implications. Proc. Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum 2ndRegional Seminar 2, Deep-Water Sedimentation of South East Asia, Jakarta[abstract] [full text]
  51. Satyana, A.H., Y. Salim, J.M. Demarest, 2000. Significance of Focused Hydrocarbon Migration in the Salawati Basin: Controls of Faults and Structural Noses. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, 1-18 [abstract] [full text]
  52. Satyana, A.H., Wahyudin, M., 2000. Meteoric Water Flushing and Microbial Alteration of Klamono and Linda Oils, Salawati Basin, Eastern Indonesia: Geochemical Constraints, Origin, and Regional Implications. Proc. Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan ke-29 [abstract] [full text]
  53. Satyana, A.H., D. Nugroho, I. Surantoko, 1999. Tectonic controls on the hydrocarbon habitats of the Barito, Kutei, and Tarakan Basins, Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia: major dissimilarities in adjoining basins. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 17, 99-8122[abstract] [full text]
  54. Satyana, A.H., Idris, R., 1996. Chronology and intensity of Barito uplifts, southeast Kalimantan: A geochemical constraint and windows of opportunity. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, Twenty-Fifth Silver Anniversary Convention, October 1996 [abstract] [full text]
  55. Satyana, A.H., Biantoro, E., 1995. Seismic stratigraphy of Eocene Beriun Sands of West Bungalun, East Kalimantan, Indonesia: A contribution to the Paleogene stratigraphical knowledge of the Kutei Basin. Proc. International Symposium on Sequence Stratigraphy in SE Asia, May 1995 [abstract] [full text]
  56. Satyana, A.H., Silitonga, P.D., 1994. Tectonic reversal in East Barito Basin, south Kalimantan: Consideration of the types of inversion structures and petroleum system significance. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association Twenty Third Annual Convention, October 1994 [abstract] [full text]
  57. Satyana, A.H., Silitonga, P.D., 1993. Thin-skinned tectonics and fault-propagation folds: New insight to the tectonic origin of Barito folds, south Kalimantan. Proc. the 22ndAnnual Convention of the Indonesian Association of Geologist, 282-291 [abstract] [full text]
  58. Satyana, A.H., Samuel, L., 1993. Remote sensing technology and its application to hydrocarbon exploration in Indonesia. Proceedings LEMIGAS-JICA Remote Sensing Conference, Jakarta 1993 [abstract] [full text]

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