Catatan Pak Awang

Seismic Atlas of SE Asian Basins

Museum Geologi

Volcanology and geological hazard mitigation

Geopangea research group

Geotrek Indonesia



Indonesian geoscience journals

Berita sedimentologi, published by Indonesian Sedimentologist Forum (subsidiary of Indonesian Geologist Association)

Jurnal Geologi Indonesia, published by Badan Geologi (Geological Agency of Indonesia)

Indonesian Journal on Geosciencepublished by Badan Geologi (Geological Agency of Indonesia)

Riset Geologi dan Pertambangan, published by Geoteknologi-LIPI (Research Center for Geotechnology – Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

Jurnal Teknologi Mineral, published by Fakultas Teknologi Mineral ITB

Proceedings Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) Annual Convention

Proceedings Indonesian Association of Geologist (IAGI) Annual Meeting



Database and bibliography

Articles database Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

Bibliography of Indonesia Geology by J.T. van Gorsel

Geoscience articles database Badan Geologi



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