Hade B. Maulin


Senior Geologist

PT. PHE Nunukan Company (PHENC)

Jakarta, Indonesia


Page @Linkedin



Sudarmono, Direza, A., Maulin, H.B., Wicaksono, A., 2017. Some new insights to tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of he Tarakan sub-basin, northeast Kalimantan, Indonesia, Proceedings, Indonesian Petroleum Association 41st Annual Convention & Exhibition, May 2017. p. IPA17-722-G [abstract] [full text]

Maulin, HB., Arya Nugraha, Cecep Sutisna, Anom Prasetya, Ikhwan Harun, Djoko Rubyanto, Bintoro Wibowo, 2016, JS-1 Ridge exploration in ancient melange basement high. PROCEEDINGS GEOSEA XIV AND 45TH IAGI ANNUAL CONVENTION 2016 (GIC 2016), Bandung, October 10 – 13, 2016 [abstract] [full text]

Maulin, H.B., Armandita, C., Mukti, M.M., Mandhiri, D., Rubyanto, D., Romi, S., 2012. Structural Reactivation and its Implication on Exploration Play: Case Study of JS-1 Ridge. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA12-G-072 [abstract] [full text]

Mukti, M.M., Armandita, C., Maulin, H. B., & Ito, M., 2008. Turbidites Depositional Systems of the lower part of Halang Formation, stratal architecture of slope to basin floor succession. Proceedings, 37th Annual Meeting of the Indonesian Association of Geologist, p 162-176 [abstract] [full text]

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