Oil family characterisation of Jabung area, Jambi sub-basin*

Lambok P. Marpaung1, Dono H. Mulyono2, Awang H. Satyana3, and Eddy A. Subroto1

1Department of Geology, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), 2PetroChina International Jabung Ltd., 3BP-MIGAS



Jabung area and whole Jambi Sub-Basin, Sumatra has been a prolific target of exploration since 1990. A number of oil and gas fields have been discovered and produced. Yet, the petroleum system of the region has not been fully understood since there has no detail geochemical study been conducted. This paper attempts to understand one of the geochemical aspects of Jabung area, namely oil family study. A variety of oil families will indicate a presence of various source rocks and the history of oil generation, migration, accumulation, and alteration. Some rock samples. The families of oils were determined by statistical analysis on biomarker and carbon isotopes of the oil samples. Oil to source correlation was applied to interpret the most likely source/s of the existing oils. Maturation modeling of the expected source/s was conducted to establish the history of oil generation and migration. Organofacies attribute of the oils show that the oils of the Jabung area were mainly sourced by organic matter derived from higher terrestrial-land plants. Two families which are subtle in the characteristics were resulted from the multivariate statistics. Correlation and source geochemistry evaluation conclude that the shales and coals of Talang Akar are the main source rocks of oils in the Jabung area.


* Proceedings Joint Convention Surabaya 2005 – HAGI-IAGI-Perhapi

The 30th HAGI, The 34th IAGI, and The 14th PERHAPI Annual Conference and Exhibition


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