Reef facies of the Wonosari Formation, South of Central Java

Riset Geologi dan Pertambangan, V. 14 No. 1, 2004, 1-17

Reef facies of the Wonosari Formation, South of Central Java

M. Safei Siregar*, Kamtono*, Praptisih* and M. Ma’ruf Mukti*

* Research Center for Geotechnology-LIPI


The limestones of the Wonosari Formation distributed to the south of Yogyakarta show excellent exposures for the study an Indonesian Tertiary reef model. The natural etchings of the outcrops in the field offer an opportunity to distinguish various facies of the carbonate rocks of this formation. Within the Wonosari Limestone the types of facies, which can be recognized include planktonic packstone-wackestone facies, packstone-rudstone facies, coral boundstone facies, grainstone-packstone facies, and algal-foraminiferal packstone facies. These facieses represent basinal toe of slope, reef slope, reef zone, surge-channel to lagoonal sediments and back reef to shelf sediments.

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