Cipi Armandita



Petroleum geology


PTTEP (PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited), Soi 11, Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Chatuchak, 10900,
Bangkok, Thailand


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Armandita, C., Morley, C.K., Rowell, P., 2015. Origin, structural geometry, and development of a giant coherent slide: The South Makassar Strait mass transport complex. Geosphere 11, 376–403 doi:10.1130/GES01077.1  [abstract] [full text]

Maulin, H.B., Armandita, C., Mukti, M.M., Mandhiri, D., Rubyanto, D., Romi, S., 2012. Structural Reactivation and its Implication on Exploration Play: Case Study of JS-1 Ridge. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA12-G-072 [abstract] [full text]

Satyana, A.H., Damayanti, S., Armandita, C., 2012. Tectonics, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Makassar Straits: Recent Updates from Exploring Offshore West Sulawesi, Opportunities and Risks. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA12-G-156 [abstract] [full text]

Armandita, C., N. Pudyo, S.E. Saputra, Sumaryana, M. M. Mukti, 2011. Exploration Challenges and Opportunities in Deep Water Makassar Strait Basins, Indonesia : Review of Carbonate Play Based on Sequence Stratigraphy and Seismic Characterization. Proceedings, SEG Annual Meeting 2011, 1-5[abstract] [full text]

Armandita, C., A.H. Satyana, I. Yuliandri, M. M. Mukti, 2011. Trace of the Translated Subduction in Central Java and its Role on the Paleogene Basins and Petroleum System Development. Proc. JCM IAGI-HAGI Makassar 2011 [abstract] [full text]

Armandita, C., J.A. Paju, M.M. Mukti, N. Mujahidin, 2010. Inverted intra arc transtensional deepwater basin in West – Central Java border: New interpretation of basin evolution and its implication to the petroleum system. Proc, American Association of Petroleum Geologist ACE 2010 [abstract]

Armandita, C., M.M. Mukti, A.H. Satyana, 2009. Intra-Arc Trans-Tension Duplex of Majalengka to Banyumas Area: Prolific Petroleum Seeps and Opportunities in West-Central Java Border. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA09-G-173 [abstract] [full text]

Mukti, M.M., M. Ito, C. Armandita, 2009. Architectural Elements of a Longitudinal Turbidite System: The Upper Miocene Halang Formation Submarine-Fan System in the Bogor Through, West Jawa. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA09-G-168 [abstract] [full text]

Satyana, A.H., C. Armandita, A.L. Tarigan, 2008. Collision and Post-Collision Tectonics in Indonesia: Roles for Basin Formation and Petroleum Systems. Proc. Indonesian Petroleum Association, IPA08-G-140 [abstract] [full text]

Satyana, A.H., C. Armandita, 2004. Deepwater Plays of Java, Indonesia: Regional Evaluation on Opportunities and Risks. Proc. IPA-AAPG Deepwater and Frontier Symposium, 293-319  [abstract] [full text]


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